Integrated Toyota Dashcam

Integrated Toyota Dashcam is designed to reliably capture video, sound, and location data while you operate your vehicle. It is designed to begin recording upon ignition to capture the drive, or on impact whether moving or while parked.

  • Playback or video download is available via the Smartphone App or PC Tool
  • Includes a 16GB, Industrial Grade Micro SD memory card
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34220;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221;PT949-34221 More
Part Number PT949-34222
Assembly Dash Cam Unit


Dashcam may not record under certain conditions. Always respect the privacy rights of others. See your dashcam Owner’s Manual for details.

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